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We moved back to Potomac

Last weekend we moved back into my grandfathers house. We were starting to feel too big in our Rockville townhouse. So we rented the townhouse out and moved back to Tallyho! Dave and I are overwhelmed at the boxes and chaos from the move. I don’t get a lot of unpacking time with the two kids. But, they now have a big playroom that keeps them “busy”. It only took 5 days of living here before the hot water heater broke! Not a surprise since it was 22 yrs old. This dusty old house needs a LOT of work, but we think it’s going to be good for us.

In my desperation, I convinced my mother to come out for a week to help me get better settled. She will get here Saturday night and stay for a week. Thanks Mom!!!

Our new address is:

8812 Tallyho Trail

Potomac, MD 20854

Christmas is Coming!

Coby and Bennett on Santa's Lap 2010

Holiday parties, birthday parties and Christmas wishes… Ahhh!… It’s a busy time for everyone and I just wanted to update my blog a little. It’s been severely neglected!

What’s the news?  Yesterday I turned 34. Bennett wants a double headed dragon from Santa. He has also requested a dragon themed birthday party at the end of the month when he turns 3. Coby got his 2 front teeth over Thanksgiving week. Dave has officially started his marathon training. – That’s all that comes to mind.

Happy Holidays to our friends and family!



Cheerleading In Paradise!
Dave and I took a week vacation in Alaska (as the locals pronounce it – Alassska). We visited our friends Ana and Ryan in Anchorage. Ana is soon to be leaving her job and they are headed south. So we wanted to check it out before they took off. Read more »

July 2010 – Nantucket!


3 Weeks of ACK!

On July 1st, we packed the car and drove up to Boston for our big vacation. The next day we picked up Uncle Dan and drove to Hyannis for the car ferry to ACK (Nantucket).

I used to think Nantucket was the most relaxing place that I’ve been to where I could read books all day and casually go for a bike ride and to the beach. Now that I have a 2 yr old and a 5 month old, I realize that with them – no place is relaxing! ;-) Read more »

Mothers Day Weekend

 SlideshowHappy Mothers Day!
I had a great weekend with my boys. We all went camping on Friday afternoon to Cunningham Falls State Park in Thurmont MD. It was a surprising success considering we had a 2 yr old and 3 month old. We were joined by Andy Meekins and his daughter Maple, and our neighbors the Crothers. Bennett had two other kids his age to play with and I think that was the key to everyone’s enjoyment. The kids played with sticks, dump trucks & flashlights, baby Coby laid around, and us adults unpacked – cooked – then packed again. Read more »

A Cabin in Douthat VA


May 1, 2010
We spent the weekend at a park cabin in Douthat VA. My aunt Claudia and uncle Randy Sullivan had invited us to join them and their 2 doggies. It was just what we enjoy: relaxing, hiking, good weather and wine! It reminded us of a Norwegian cabin, but without the snow. (we never went to a summer cabin) Read more »

Coburn Davis Drazen

Baby Coby was born a month ago on Feb. 23rd 2010 at 12:55am. He was 7lbs 13 oz. I can’t believe it’s taken me a month to post the update to my blog. It’s been quite the blur, but I’ll try and recap the last month.

I went into labor around 10pm Monday night while we were watching the winter Olympics. Labor moved along so fast, that we could barely get Bennett to Cyril and Mary’s house and me Read more »

The Blizzard of 2010

Bennett in the snow.Dave and I decided we love snow and we need to move more north. Strange since I’ve lived more than half my life by the ocean.

We have successfully entertained ourselves hanging out with our neighbors: Poker night, Beatles Rock Band, sledding, Xcountry skiing, preparing the house for the baby to come (maybe next week??), lots of shoveling and baking junk food. We currently have whiteout conditions outside, but the fireplace is on and we are cozy! Hopefully the power won’t go out like it did over the weekend. The news is saying the blizzard conditions are like an “arctic wasteland”, but I disagree. I don’t think this weather is as bad as it was 2 years ago when we took 3 week old baby Bennett to Ustaoset Norway. Read more »

Guest Writing on Allison Cafe: A Non-Baker’s Cupcake Quest

Dave's Baseball Birthday Cupcakes

Dave's Baseball Birthday Cupcakes

Last weekend I experienced my annual “Gotta make my husband’s homemade birthday cake” dilema. This request is bestowed upon me and usually includes which specific recipe I am supposed to make. Past years were carrot cake with avocado frosting, tres leches and some other anti-Betty Crocker ideas. This year my husband graciously asked for kid friendly cupcakes since we were going to celebrate at a bowling alley. Phew – it could be worse! I immediately looked to Allison Cafe to see what’s been tested in the kitchen by my friend.

Kid friendly requirements in MY book is: No nuts and lots of sprinkles. I don’t care about quantity of sugar or fat. If it looks cool, they love it. My kid is crazy anyway with or without sugar.

The recipe that seemed to fit the bill was Allison’s “Chocolate Cupcakes with Creamy White Frosting“. What I didn’t like about it was that it asked for things that I didn’t have in my pantry (buttermilk & coconut extract). Read more »


 SlideshowNov. 1, 2009 Hi – we are back live with a blog!  Long story … and who cares now. We had a fun Halloween weekend.  Bennett sure had a great time and filled up on candy and candy wrappers. He wasn’t prejudice against eating paper.  Read more »

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